Has you pouf lost its grace?
It might be time for a refill. Order now our Refill Bag and follow the 10 steps on the label. Easy-peasy!

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Refill bag 0.1 mc
Polystyrene (EPS) beads Ø 0.3 cm

How to refill a pouf in 10 steps?

1. remove the exterior cover
2. locate the zipper of the interior cover
3. open the zipper and insert the loose part of the refill bag
4. lift the refill bag in a more vertical position
5. loosen the chord of the bag until polystyren starts flowing
6. pour out as much polysterene as you see fit
7. shake and remove the refill bag
8. close the zipper of the interior cover
9. attach the exterior cover
10. sit and relax