Textiles & Fillings


Through pouf.’s business model, we aim to contribute to the local economy and to the sustainable developement of society. There are two types of textiles we use, each specially chosen to meet its purpose.

1. 100% Cotton, Made in Romania

We are currently working with a large Romanian textile manufacturer with a significant experience in furniture textiles. They offer a wide range of dyed natural textiles, durable and easy-to-clean.

2. Surplus textiles from mass-production companies

We produce less waste with the reusal of surplus textiles from mass-production companies all over the world. This kind of strategy allows a large variery of textiles to be experimented with.


With constant testing we have reached a balanced ratio between our main fillings: polystyrene (EPS) beads and siliconized fibres. The filling manufactureers are both based in Romania and have decades of experience in their fields.

Peace, pouf.